Narconon is a recovery program that really works

Mother of Narconon Program Graduate 2001

We would like to share our story with anyone who has a loved one living with the horrible influence of drugs and alcohol.

Our life was enriched with the birth of our only son in 1974. We were not a wealthy family but you might say, very comfortable. This comfort level was derived from working 24/7. The benefits of this labor were lavished on our son which in turn spoiled him. He had, what we thought, a great life. Good grades, good friends and all the popular toys available. The thing he was missing, and I might add the most important, was quality father time. Work seemed to be more important.

After graduating high school our son entered college. Shortly afterward he lost his drive and his grades went downhill. One college after another, same story. He quit school and entered the family business. The income was great but our son seemed to always be broke. His ambition was gone and he would sleep for days. After several car wrecks and a severe attitude change we had reached our wits end. We recieved a call from our son at a local motel where we found him semi-conscious surrounded by soft drink cans used for smoking crack. our son was sent to a state supported mental facility, not once, but three times. Each trip proved to be a complete failure.

Living at home after his third state rehab stay things went from bad to worse. Our son began to steal money from family and friends. He would pawn expensive household things to support his habit. His cocaine habit had torn our family apart and the decision was made, I would take my own son to jail. I was forcibly placing him in the car when my wife came to me with what she called, the answer. She had contacted a man named Francisco at a place named Narconon. I told her it was just another 28 day rip off, but today I am glad she insisted.

My son is still at Narconon, not as a patient, but helping others with their problems. THIS PROGRAM WORKS.

G. G.

Ending Drug Addiction The Narconon Way

The Narconon drug rehabilitation program, first established in 1966, is unique. It is a proven "get off and stay off drugs" program. The Narconon program has been used successfully by thousands of people around the world to rid themselves of the need for drugs and regain control of their lives.

The Narconon program, unlike more traditional treatment, deals with both the physical and mental problems brought about by drug use. Our goal is to assist the addict, both mentally and physically, to become a whole and sane person capable of dealing with life's many and varied challenges. The end result is a success rate that is 3 to 4 times that of other programs. None of these solutions involves the use of any drug.

William Benitez, founder of the Narconon program, recognized that drug addiction was a type of disability. The Narconon program is comprehensively designed to overcome the disability of addiction by working to restore and develop the natural abilities of the addicted person.

A combination of physical detoxification, unique forms of cognitive and objective therapies, and life skills training, the Narconon program is delivered in phases where our “students” complete a series of distinct courses designed to complement and expand on each other.

When a person uses drugs over a period of time, the body becomes unable to completely eliminate them all. Drugs are broken down in the liver. These metabolites (the substances the body converts the drugs into), although removed rapidly from the blood stream, become trapped in the fatty tissues. There are various types of tissues that are high in fat content, the one thing in common – and the problem that needs to be addressed – is that these drug residues remain for years. Tissues in our bodies that are high in fats are turned over very slowly. When they are turned over, the stored drug metabolites are released into the blood stream and reactivate the same brain centers as if the person actually took the drug. The former addict now experiences a drug restimulation (or “flashback”) and drug craving. This is common in the months after an addict quits and can continue to occur for years, even decades.

When the addict initially tries to quit, cells in the brain that have become used to large amounts of these metabolites are now forced to deal with much decreased amounts. Even as the withdrawal symptoms subside, the brain “demands” that the addict give it more of the drug. This is called drug craving. Craving is an extremely powerful urge and can cause a person to create all kinds of “reasons” they should begin using drugs or drinking again. He is now trapped in an endless cycle of trying to quit, craving, relapse and fear of withdrawal.

Eventually, the brain cells will again become used to having lowered drug metabolites. But, because deposits of drug metabolites release back into the bloodstream from fatty tissues for years, craving and relapse remain a cause for concern. Left unhandled, the presence of metabolites even in microscopic amounts cause the brain to react as if the addict had again actually taken the drug and can set up craving and relapse even after years of sobriety

The Narconon Program Resolves Drug Cravings

While drugs and their metabolites quickly become undetectable in blood and urine, some as rapidly as 3 days after last usage, drug metabolites remain stored in fatty tissues for years. That these accumulated drug residues continue to cause adverse symptoms led to the development of a program aimed at reducing levels of toxins in the body to assist in recovery.

The graph depicts cocaine metabolites being excreted in the sweat and urine of clients participating in the Narconon® New Life Detoxification Program. Levels of drug metabolites are not detectable in clients prior to the start of this program, then increase dramatically and slowly taper off as the program is continued. This supports the argument that drug residues remain in the fatty tissues and that the correct treatment can mobilize and remove them through the body’s excretory systems.

The New Life Detoxification Program utilizes a combination of exercise, induced sweating in a sauna, and nutritional supplements to produce the following results:

  1. Reduction or elimination of drug and alcohol cravings.
  2. Reduction or elimination of many symptoms associated with drug addiction and alcoholism. These can include depression, irritability, and fatigue.
  3. Ability to think more clearly.
  4. Improved memory and attention span.
  5. Increased energy.
  6. Increased sense of well being.
  7. Enthusiasm toward life.